Thursday, July 22, 2010

And it begins

It's that time of year, to once again buckle down and focus on my next steps. Even though the calendar still reads July, first round deadlines in October are right around the corner. Last year they snuck up on me even though I felt well ahead of the game. That feeling lasted right up until the hours (yes, the deadline countdown became hours). With those memories and the fear that I could have done better if only I had more time, I have challenged myself to get my applications in WELL ahead of time. Though I have not yet set deadlines, this is the time to begin.

The MBA admissions process is immensely time consuming. You don't realize it until you're in the thick of it and every minute seems to count. So I have begun to set tasks. In my opinion, there are three things that will set the structure of all my applications (of course, this after the reflection process and listing EVERYTHING you've accomplished or could consider as an accomplishment)

Since applying to school last year, only a few months ago, my goals have not dramatically changed. My experiences are largely similar, which indicates my resume should not be too far off. With those thoughts and a desire to feel one piece complete, my first tasks are set. And off I go...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm - Winston Churchill

In our lives we inevitably are met with successes and failures. Each personally defined in our own way. Over the past two years I have created great successes and great failures through the business school application process. Unfortunately, the successful end eluded me last spring. Now I reengage with newfound enthusiasm for business school and the application process.

This year I will use this blog to track my success, failure and everything in between; chronicling for myself, sharing my learnings and (ideally) celebrating in the end. Although I've been through this process once before I again feel at a loss for what is to come...either way, it'll be quite the adventure.

Much more to come.